Reliable Translator Since 1996


Native language

Indonesian, Javanese

Indonesian is my native national language, while Javanese is my native ethnic language.

Secondary languages

English, Russian

Language pairs

English >< Indonesian Russian > Indonesian

English >< Javanese Indonesian >< Javanese

Physical location

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Working day

Full-time translator (7 days a week).


  • Certified PRO
  • HPI (Association of Indonesian Translators) Member (No. HPI-01-13-0922)

Translation Tools/ Software

TRADOS 2014, Passolo 2011, Wordfast, Multiterm, Omegat, Microsoft Office, WordPress, etc.

Do you use your own software?

Don’t worry, I can learn quickly your software for sure.

Familiar file format

docx, doc, docm, xls, xlsx, html, mhtml, xhtml, xml, pdf, xps, xlsm, rtf, txt, csv, srt, sub, odt, jpg, jpeg, tif, gif, png, bmp, jpeg2000, accdb, mdb, tab, js, php, atom, rss, rss2, mpeg, mpg, ogg, mp4, mp3, wav, wmv, avi, flv, mkv, and so on.

Working experience

Since 1996 (18+ years)


  • More than 2,000 projects (translation/editing/proofreading/ transcription) orĀ  more than 100,000 pages or millions of words since 1996.
  • Authoring, writing, editing, proofreading my apologetic book in Indonesia. It is being marketed via (2011 to now).

Supporting skill

Research, blogging and analytical skills.



Game (online game, pc game, gadget game, video game, etc), medicine, dentistry, health care, nutrition, nursery, contract, annual report, game,international business, international relation, international organization, international development, international cooperation, computer, software, web localization, subtitle, e-commerce, network, history, folklor


Social science, sociology, ships, sailing, maritime, culture, communication, advertising / public relations, publication, printing, fishery, agriculture/ farming, Livestock / Animal Husbandry, anthropology, politics, government, management, economics, law, technique, electronics, marketing, marketing research, cosmetic and beauty, fashion, video subtitle, religion, psychology, tourism, travel, human resources, archaeology, management, blogging, botany, biology, food and beverage, geology, mining, business, commerce


I accept any media, such as, editable file, loose-leaf paper, picture/ photograph, video, book, etc. at no additional costs.


Translation (English, Russian, Indonesian, Javanese), editing, proofreading, subtitling, rewriting/ transcreating, localization, articles, blogging posts, summarizing/ resuming.

Top Reasons To Choose Me

  1. Excellent writing and proofreading skills in Indonesian.
  2. Computer literacy
  3. Detail-oriented
  4. Flexible team player
  5. Self-motivated and self-driven
  6. Responsible
  7. Hard-working
  8. Innovative
  9. Dedicated
  10. Punctual and deadline-oriented
  11. Quality-oriented
  12. Experience with TRADOS and other tools
  13. Based in Indonesia. I am familiar with popular Indonesian terms, figure-of-speeches, idioms, play-on-words, jargons and tropes as well as Indonesian daily context, such as social, politic, cultural or economic. For a simple example. Indonesian has many words referring to “I”, “me” and “my”, such as “aku”, “saya”, “beta”, “daku”, “diriku”, “gue”, “gua”, “hamba”, “Abdi”. I can select properly word comparable to “I” in certain context.
  14. I am an avid player of online games (Ragnarok, Stronghold Kingdom) and was an avid player of pc game (diablo, warcraft). This hobby supports my skill in game translation project. For an example, Royal Revolt II.


  15. I have been a blogger since 2000 and running blog from extinct geocities to standard blogspot to the outstanding wordpress. I also know popular languages and syndication in blogging world (php, html, xml, xhtml, javascript, css, rss). This experience supports my skill in website localization. For an example,
  16. I involve a doctor as an adviser for big translation projects in medicine.
  17. Experienced in marine project translation. For examples, Kanai Fisheries co, Ltd’s Crew Employment Agreement and and Limin Marine and Offshore co, Ltd.’s annual reports.
  18. Seven working days a week.
  19. If your Indonesian source documents are interfered by Javanese culture, I can translate them better than non-Javanese translators, because I am a native Javanese mastering Javanese and Indonesian.
  20. Negotiable rate.
Please review my recent resume.
I always welcome reasonable offers. Please feel free to contact me! I am looking forward to hearing from you.





Blackberry PIN: 2A071497

Skype: dani.karuniawan

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